AccuKnox is

  • A high-performance runtime Zero Trust container security solution that protects Application, Network, and Data.
  • Is a Cloud-Native platform built on open source, kernel-native open source technologies like Cilium eBPF, SPIFFE/SPIRE, OPA/Kyverno, and Linux Security Modules.
  • Is based on fundamental R&D and patented innovations in Data Security, Container Security and Unsupervised Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection developed at SRI.

With AccuKnox Enterprises can:

  • Isolate and protect every kind of container workload with identity as a perimeter.
  • Track tainted data and enable data provenance in a container first world.
  • Enable networking and system-level restrictions over containers to easily comply with a wide variety of compliance needs.
  • Enable enterprise-grade container security with the best-of-breed container security technologies – eBPF and Linux Security Modules.
  • Build container workloads to operate in Enclaves by leveraging confidential computing.