Identity is Everything

“AccuKnox provides an Identity-enforced container, data and network Zero-Trust solution for Private and Public Cloud environments “

The concept of least privileged access has been around for decades. A fundamental tenet of Zero Trust and Google’s implementation, BeyondCorp is to use trusted and verified identity as a mechanism prior to enforcing access. Tools to implement this for user identities have become mainstream, however, mechanisms to implement this at scale, for Container Workloads in a flexible manner are not broadly available. AccuKnox makes this possible. The importance of this issue came to the forefront of the Enterprise and Government security community with the SolarWinds breach. Analysis by Cyberguru Mark Bristow , Director, NCCIC Hunt and Incident Response Team (HIRT) at U.S. Department of Homeland Security outlines the security drivers for the climate we live in

  • Identity is the new perimeter – “the firewall is dead”.
  • Trust store and IDM components are excellent targets that adversaries are exploiting.
  • Behavioral analysis techniques are required to identify an identity compromise.