IOT Security

AccuKnox provides comprehensive protection for IoT workloads by combining Identity Enforced Zero Trust Security combined with an unsupervised Machine Learning platform for detecting anomalies.

Forrester Research opined that 74% of enterprise security professionals feel their current security controls and practices are not adequate for unmanaged and IoT devices.

  • The use of unmanaged and IoT devices within enterprise environments is already prevalent and growing rapidly, driven by a combination of business needs and unintentional factors.
  • Enterprise security professionals fail to understand and address the security risks brought by unmanaged and IoT devices.
  • Investment in IoT security solutions is insufficient and needs to increase.
  • Traditional security tools and in-house skills are not adequate to protect unmanaged and IoT devices.
  • Beyond Mirai, most organizations fail to secure unmanaged and IoT devices, and thereby suffer from security incidents.